Trimitra Consultants (TC) was established in Jakarta in 1990 as a partnership of management consultants. In 2005 its legal form was changed into a limited liability company (Perseroan Terbatas) under the name of P.T. Trimitra Konsultan Manajemen. However we continue to operate under our trade name Trimitra Consultants. TC provides consulting, interim management and training services.

TC currently has 5 (five) Practice Groups:

  • Practice Group I: Strategic Management , General Management and Management, Audit
  • Practice Group II: Human Resources Management, Organization Development, Leadership, Personal Development and Recruitment & Selection
  • Practice Group III: Project Management, Supply Chain  Management, Procurement Management, Logistic Management
  • Practice Group IV: Business Development, Marketing Management, Customer Service / Relation Management
  • Practice Group V: Corporate Services, including Company Formation & related services and Representation Services
  • Practice Group VI: Heavy Equipment Application, Training and Maintenance & Repair Services

Our Senior Consultants are former top executives at reputable companies with proven successful track records.

They have the necessary advanced level competencies and extensive hands-on practical experience to ensure that our clients will be presented with practical recommendations, counsels and solutions.


To be a firm that:

  • enhances achievement of our national and international clients’ goals and objectives,
  • acquires and maintain advanced level competencies in its fields of activity
  • provides the opportunities for its people to achieve their career and income objectives,
  • uncompromisingly upholds high ethical standards in conducting its affairs.


  • To provide superior cost effective professional services in strategic management, business development, organization development, HR management & development, marketing & sales, customer service, project management and procurement management.
  • To provide superior cost effective training & development programs that enhance people’s competencies and career
  • To manage our own business in a professional and profitable manner and to recruit, train and retain dedicated, competent and creative partners, associates and personnel who are committed to supporting the practices of the firm and who feel appreciated and rewarded for their efforts


The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization.

  • Believe in People — TC believes that people are crucial to the achievement of its strategic- and operational objectives. We therefore train and develop our people to enable them to reach their optimum performance and career & earning objectives. We communicate openly and honestly. We develop an empowerment-based system throughout the organization.
  • Integrity —  TC acts with honesty and integrity, do what we say we’ll do, share our ideas and listen to the ideas of others, and comply with our code of ethics and the spirit and intent of the law.
  • Excellence — TC always looks for innovative ways to better serve our clients and to make our firm more effective and efficient.
  • Teamwork — All TC team members are committed to common objectives based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other.

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