In times of turbulent business conditions and heavy competition, it is even more crucial that people continuously broaden, deepen and sharpen their set of competencies. This will enable them to timely, effectively and efficiently:

  • improve performance at their current jobs
  • adapt to the changes of the requirements of their jobs
  • prepare for the next career moves

Trimitra Consultants has developed a wide variety of practical job related training modules in the fields of:

  • Management Audit
  • Strategic Management
  • General Management
  • Organization Development
  • Leadership
  • Human Resources Management
  • Personal Development
  • Business Development
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Procurement Management
We can conduct the above training courses specifically for your organization at a location of your choice.

We have successfully delivered these in-house training programs to many clients in various industrial sectors, including oil, gas & mining, automotive, heavy equipment, power generation, telecommunication, electronic, hospitality, banking, insurance, food & beverage, retail, IT, office products, agro-industrial, real estate, NGO-s, Government Agencies, etc.

To get the optimum benefits of in-house training, the training content and methodology should be in line with the in-house training objectives and specific topics to be covered.

If you are interested in our company specific / in-house training services, please send your inquiry using the form below.

Kindly provide as much as possible information so as to enable us to tailor the training content, duration and methodology to your training objectives RFP Inhouse Training

In-house Training Courses l On location or Online

The Advantages and Benefits of In-House Training include:
  • Training Cost saving – the cost per delegate is typically less when compared to sending the same number on to public training courses.
  • Travel Cost saving – employees do not need to travel any further than their offices and incur extra costs.
  • More specific – the training will focus on specific items that are causing issues within the organization
  • Customised training – the training and learning will be focused on the company and can discuss real and current examples.
  • Convenience – fit around the working schedule of the staff and at a location they come to everyday!
  • Team Building – a room full of delegates from different departments can encourage greater team work, awareness and understanding of each other’s role.