Effective Retirement Strategy & Planning

3 days


  • 13 – 15 March 2023
  • 07 – 09 June 2023

Malang : Santika Premiere

There was a time when the only plan for old age might be to have children; by the time you were past it, they’d be there to take care of you. Or so the thinking went.

It is sad, but the majority of people still do not begin their retirement planning until they are a few years away from retirement. The results of this include many elders living in poverty or is dependent on relatives to make ends meet. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of poor or no retirement strategy & planning. Preparation of retirement strategy & plans should commence as early as possible.

This “Retirement Strategy & Planning” workshop is for those who wish to improve their ability to develop appropriate retirement strategies and plans as well as effectively and efficiently manage the implementation of these strategies & plans for the realization of their retirement objectives.


To provide participants with the necessary ability to develop appropriate retirement strategies and plans as well as effectively and efficiently implement the strategy & plans for the realization of their retirement objectives.


  • The what, why, who, when, where and how of developing retirement strategy and plans
  • Steps in developing a retirement strategy & plans
  • Recognizing your stakeholders and their needs, wants and expectations
  • Developing life vision, mission, goal & objectives
  • How to set realistic retirement objectives; Financial & Non Financial
  • Analyzing situations & conditions that will have an impact to the achievement of your retirement objectives ; Financial & Non Financial.
  • Pinpointing Key Success Factors for realizing your retirement objectives
  • Conducting a personal / family SWOT analysis related to your retirement strategy; Financial & Non Financial
  • Crafting retirement strategies, plans and programs; Financial & Non Financial
  • Preparing to implement the retirement strategy, plans and programs; Financial and Non Financial
  • Implementing retirement strategy, plans & programs; Challenges and how to overcome them
  • Measuring, monitoring and controlling your progress in implementing the retirement strategy & plans
  • When and how to adapt your retirement strategy, plans and programs.


  • A proper combination of short lecture, Q&A, Sharing, Discussions, Exercises, Examples, Cases and Simulations
  • Participants will be given a template wherefrom they can prepare their own retirement strategy & plan

This program is meant for people who wish to timely and properly prepare themselves for their retirement. The ideal participants are those who are 5 to 10 years away from their retirement.


  • Rp 7.000.000,- per person
  • Excluding VAT
  • Including a certificate, refreshments, lunch, stationery and writing instruments

Registration closing date : 1 (one) month prior to the commencement date of relevant program


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